About Delray

Cordyline Bay Green House

Delray Plants is a foliage industry leader, and has been perfecting the growing tradition since we opened our doors. 


We have won many awards, and have earned many certifications, including the coveted Veriflora Sustainably Grown certification, which is the current industry standard.

Delray Plants was founded in 1968 by Jacob Koornneef, affectionately known as Jake. Since then, Delray Plants has built on its core values to establish a foothold in the foliage industry. Recently, Delray Plants was recognized as the 14th largest grower in the United States. The team that moves us forward includes industry-leading growers, sales people, and many more.

Delray Plants is committed to bringing the best foliage and newest varieties to market, education of the consumer, and growing a sustainable product. To that end, we are constantly refining our growing practices, utilizing the newest technologies, and bringing fresh talent into our already brilliant team.

Delray Plants values teamwork in all aspects of the company. We strive for providing a caring and compassionate environment for our team, and strongly believe in our message. Our joined efforts throughout our team help us develop new goals and longer lasting plants for your homes. We value our message of health and happiness with our plants.

Look for Delray Plants' products at all major retailers. If your retailer doesn't carry us, ask them to!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to profitably expand our market share and distribution by having;

  • Superior customer service and timely solutions
  • Innovative and consistent quality products
  • Best business practices that continually improve
  • A safe and productive work environment.


Vision Statement

Our Vision is to have a living plant in every home in America with the intention of continuously growing the value of Delray Plants and contributing to the quality of life for the people and communities we serve.

Delray Plants employees express what Delray Plants means to them.